World Monuments Fund WATCH DAY (終了しました)

2017年11月4日(土)、米国World Monuments Fund(ワールドモニュメント財団)WATCH DAYが東京築地で開催されます。

PDFダウンロード: Watch Day 2017.

Let’s Meetup!

World Monuments Fund WATCH DAY is going to be held in Tsukiji, Tokyo on November 4th, 2017.

Download PDF: Watch Day 2017.

Tsukiji Fish Market?
Tsukiji Fish Market is planned to be relocated ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics. The relocation is likely to result in increased land values and create an incentive to raze existing buildings in the Tsukiji area. Even though the Tsukiji historic district received national designation in 2014, most of the individual buildings remain without legal protections.

Check out the World Monuments Fund website on  Tsukiji.

Watch Day 2017
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